KADEE 971 G Scale, Large Scale, G Scale (1:29) AAR Bettendorf Style Metal Trucks with 33" Smooth Back Metal Wheels- 1 pair

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#971 AAR Bettendorf Style Trucks with 33 inch smooth back wheels (29mm)

Large Scale, (1:29 Scale Ratio "G" Scale)

1 Pair

Mounts with a #4 screw.

The Bettendorf Truck was introduced in the 1930's on U.S. railroads and was a AAR standard truck. The Bettendorf Truck was used in interchange service through 1993.

Truck Features

• All Metal Non-Magnetic 2 Piece Self Equalizing Black 1:29 Trucks

• #960 Large Scale 29mm, (1:29) 33 in. Smooth Back All Metal Non-Magnetic Black Wheels with Free Rolling Insulated Axles

• Runs on 45mm Track

• Clip on pads & brake rigging

• Mounting Adapters for Bachmann, USA Trains, Aristo-Craft, LGB & PIKO Included

• Manufactured and assembled entirely in the U.S.A.

Truck Mounting Adapters




If you are installing Kadee® large scale trucks on a car with factory trucks that came with larger diameter wheels like (30mm, 31mm 32.5mm or 35mm wheels). The truck mounting adapters we have provided with the Kadee® trucks should compensate for wheel diameter changes so your body mount Kadee® couplers will retain the correct coupler height. Always check your coupler height with a Kadee® coupler height gauge, fine tuning may be necessary.

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