❝Make Model Railroading Accessible to Everyone❞


  • It’s a great way to be creative.

  • It’s a great way to learn. Whether it’s history, art skills, or practical skills. There is something for everyone to learn.

  • It can teach problem solving skills.

  • It can be a source of social interaction.

  • It’s fun!


  • We already sell trains online and we also have 2 model train shops located in antique malls.

    • But, we have bigger plans. We want to build the best train shop in the world. To help make this project a reality, since the beginning of 2023, we started saving 10% of every sale we make. And best yet, when we have more space…

  • We are going to start a community model train layout.

    • If you’re local, you’ll never be bored, because there will be plenty to do and plenty of new skills to learn.

    • If you’re far away, we hope to inspire and entertain you with our YouTube video series.

  • We are going to sell model trains for the best prices possible

    • So, if you have a model train layout, we want to help you take it to the next level.

    • And if you’re just getting started, we’re happy to help!

  • We are going to donate train sets to kids in need.

  • We are going to work hard and keep the hobby alive.


  • You can help us achieve our mission by:

    • Buying trains from us

    • Watching our YouTube Channel

    • Spreading the word. If you have train friends - please tell them about our shop by sharing this page with them.

    • Donations

    Building Our Train Shop