Kadee #236 Multi Scale, Speedi Loco Driver Cleaner - HOn3 to O Scale - DC & DCC

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Speedi Driver Cleaner HOn3 to O Scale

Quickly and simply spins dirt and gum from locomotive drive wheels. Restores electrical pickup and eliminates erratic locomotive performance due to dirty, scummed wheel treads! Just clip brush leads any place on running rails or to 12 volt DC power source. Locomotive motor, thus powered, spins drivers against brush to whisk away grime and corrosion from driver treads in seconds. Works with DCC. A real hobby helper!


Works on HOn3, HO, OO, Sn3, S, On30, On2, On3, and O scale locos - DC and DCC.

Note - This item is not intended for 3 Rail O Gauge.

One Each

Package Includes:

  • (1) Speedi Driver Cleaner for - HOn3 to O Scale

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