Kadee #212 HO Scale, Talgo Truck Adaptors

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24 per package

Use the #230 Talgo Insertion Pic to insert #212 Talgo Adaptors into Talgo Truck coupler pockets.

Talgo Truck Adaptors work with Kadee NO.5®, #58, 20-series couplers (#21, #22, #23, #24, #28, #26, #27, #28, #29) and all Whisker® couplers.

To check coupler height, set the coupler into the talgo truck pocket and hold it level as possible and check the coupler height with a #205 or newer #206 HO coupler height gauge.

NOTE: So it is important to check coupler height and make sure it is correct "before" you insert the talgo truck adaptor, because it's almost impossible to remove without breaking something.

Once the coupler height is correct press the #230 insertion pick into the top of the #212 adapter. Make sure the pivoting hole of the coupler is over the little pin on the end of the flexible arm in the pocket. The adapter goes down through the top of the pocket and twists downward until it snaps under the two plates on top of the pocket. The adapter becomes the new pivoting post and locks the coupler in place.

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