Atlas Master 3007031-2 O, Horizon Passenger Car, Amtrak #54516, Phase VI, 3 Rail

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Full scale length, approximately 21.5"

Interior seating

Accurate scale details

Separately applied metal handrails

Accurate inside bearing commuter trucks (Comet)

Each Comet car is available in both coach and commuter cab versions

Each Horizon car is available in both coach and dinette versions

Rubber tubular type diaphragms on each end (1 on Comet Commuter Cab Car)

Accurately modeled die cast Superliner II trucks (Horizon)

Operating tail lights (operating tail lights and headlight on cab car)

Die cast operating couplers (3 Rail)

Accurate painting and lettering

Minimum radius curve: 36" (2 Rail)

Minimum diameter curve: O-54 (3 Rail)

2 rail version equipped with scale wheelsets and body mounted Kadee® compatible couplers


The Comet II commuter passenger cars were first introduced by Bombardier in 1980-81. The cars had their genesis in the earlier Comet commuter cars which were built for the Erie Lackawanna and New Jerset DOT.

The cars have gained great acceptance with many transit agencies including NJ Transit, MBTA, SEPTA, Metro-North and others. Millions of commuters ride these cars everday to work in the population centers of NY, Philadelphia and Boston.

Differing from the long distance Horizon cars, the Comet II coaches have tubular style diaphragms and ride on inboard-bearing trucks. Atlas O will offer the Comet II cars in both coach and cab control coach versions, so true push-pull operation can be realistically duplicated.


Arguably, one of the most successful passenger car designs used in North America, the Amtrak Horizon Fleet has proven to be extremely versatile and can be found in service anywhere in the US.

Built by Combardier in 1988-90, the 104 cars in the fleet are based upon the Comet II commuter car which had been available since 1980. Modified to be more suitable for long distance service. the Horizon cars feature reclining seating, standard accordian diaphragms between cars and the superior riding General Steel Industried (GSI) Superliner II trucks.

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