Woodland Scenics ST14419B ALL Scale, Subterrain Profiles w/ Connectors (12 Pack)

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Bulk pack. 12 Profiles with connectors and instructions included. Dimensions - 24" wide by 8" high.

Use the interlocking Profile Boards and Connector pieces to create the layout perimeters and mountain profiles. Place Boards end-to-end or stack to any height using the Connectors. Trim Profile Boards with the Hot Wire Foam Cutter or a Foam Knife. Glue in place with Foam Tack Glue or the Low Temp Foam Glue Gun and Glue Sticks. 

Each Board measures 24" l x 8" h (20.3 cm x 60.9 cm). The thickest section is 1" (25 mm) and the thinnest section is 1/2" (12 mm).

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