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  • We want to provide A+ service

  • We want to offer unmatched shipping & order fulfillment

  • Inspire the next generation of model railroaders

  • And most importantly, I want to help you take your model railroad to the next level 


It all started the day I found my old HO Scale trains from my childhood.

I set up my train set and discovered that the locomotive no longer worked. But, I didn’t give up there. I traveled to a shopping mall and bought a new Bachmann set.

In July, Shops on Market, opened their doors. My wife and I decided to rent a booth to sell our crafts.

We eventually got into toys and trains. But it was just an experiment. We had no idea where things were heading!


I became a dealer for Bowser, Bachmann, and Kadee.

As orders started to arrive, we slowly began to transition to more new items.

By the end of the year I launched our website and began learning how to sell online.


In January, our inventory expanded with access to many more products.

I launched our YouTube channel and Instagram.

My wife and I did a lot of railfanning and my photography skills started to improve.

I started to offer my used items on eBay and sell locally through different avenues.


In April, my wife, Victoria, officially joined Trains in the Valley.

Our retail shop and online shop began to expand more rapidly.

We grew beyond 1,000 happy customers by the end of the year.


Victoria and I started to grow our YouTube Channel and started to post videos more frequently.

We rented a second booth in September and our shop doubled in size.

We expanded our Kadee inventory into O Scale and G Scale.

What's Next?

We are planning on bringing in more used and new inventory for the fall / winter. I’m also going to start building a new layout soon!

Building Our Train Shop