Rapido 169012A HO Scale, AutoFlood III Coal Hopper, GATX GGPX #1734

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• Die-cast frame and floor for optimum car weight

• Full interior rivet and K-member details

• Super-detailed end cages including separate air and brake piping

• Barber S-2 100-ton Trucks with metal wheels

• Hopper bays feature highly-detailed outlet gates

• Etched, see-through end cross-over platforms

• Full end detail, including uncoupling levers

• Separate grab irons installed at the factory

• Accurate paint and lettering

• Removable coal load included

• Multiple road numbers available for each scheme

Coal. Black Diamonds.

Whatever your name for it, this commodity is best transported across the country by rail. Enter the AutoFlood III rapid discharge hopper car!

Beginning production in 2004, the all aluminum body prototype has been produced in the thousands and has traversed all over North America. With millions of tons of coal per year being mined and hauled out of various locations across the country, you would be hard pressed to not have seen one of these prototype cars in a modern day coal train.

This 4200 cubic foot, exterior post prototype (not to be confused with other prototype exterior post or interior post models) is primarily used as a rapid discharge car which can unload the payload in a matter of seconds via the bottom bay doors. However, the car can also be equipped with a rotary coupler at the end(s) of the car, indicated by the color blocks on the end of the car, for either bottom discharge or rotary unloading based on the infrastructure at the final destination.

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