Bachmann 68303 HO Scale, Siemens ALC-42 Charger Diesel Locomotive, Amtrak #301, Day 1, 50th Anniversary (TCS WowSound DCC)

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Bachmann’s DCC sound-equipped ALC-42 uses the prototype’s original design documentation and sound files.

This model includes a TCS WOWSound® CD-Quality 16-bit 44,100Hz decoder with Audio Assist® for easy configuration without programming CVs and a Keep-Alive® device for uninterrupted operation, even over dirty track.

The WOWSound® diesel-electric locomotive sound package includes horn, bell, prime mover, start-up/shutdown, compressor, cooling fan, coupler close/release, brake release and application, crew alert, grade-crossing quill, departing and arriving station announcements, and more.

Loaded with prototypical features, the ALC-42 brings all the sights and sounds of the newest Amtrak® diesel-electric locomotive to your layout.

Features include:

DCC sound-equipped for sound, speed, direction, and lighting control

TCS true CD quality audio in 16-bit 44,100Hz sound

Keep-Alive® device that keeps your engine running during power interruptions due to dirty track or loss of electrical contact voice-guided

Audio Assist® programming tool for easy set-up of almost all decoder functionality

dual-mode NMRA-compliant decoder

directional headlights

interior corridor work lights

marker lights

steady/alternate flashing ditch lights

die-cast frame

separately applied windshield wipers, grab irons and detail parts

performs best on 22” radius curves or greater

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