Atlas Master 20006069 HO Scale, NSC 5277 Plug Door Box Car, UNPX #851013


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From 1975 to 1980 National Steel Car built over one-thousand 50’6” single-plug door box cars. Most of the 100-ton cars went to Canadian railroads primarily for paper service. Two hundred 70-ton cars went into food service for the Grand Trunk Western. the models have a number of variations corresponding to the prototype.


Bodies: 5111 or 5277 cubic foot styles

Ends: Nine or ten corrugations

Doors: 9ft or 10ft plug doors

Side Sills: Deep or shallow sills

Corner Posts: A special limited run of the Grand Trunk Western cars without the corner posts will be available.

Trucks: 70- or 100-ton

Suggested minimum radius of 22”

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