What Happened To Our Inventory? Wonderful News!

It has been a while since I delivered boxes and boxes of trains to the shop. Our inventory is even starting to look a little bare. This fact might seem like a bad sign for a newer business.

No need to worry, we are doing great. I'm here to report some great news today. Our Elizabethville Model Train Shop is about to reach the next level!


In short, we were approved as a dealer for some world-class model train products!


Bowser Manufacturing Co.

The first company I approached was Bowser. I'm personally a big fan of their rolling stock. I have a few of their hoppers on my layout, and they are top-notch all around. The car information and logos are painted and finely detailed. Their wheels roll smoothly along the tracks, and their couplers are solid.


They also produce DC & DCC locomotives, Cabooses, and many other types of rolling stock. Bowser also owns Cal Scale, Cary & Selley, for all your detail figures and part needs.


We already have a few Bowser items at our shop. Please see our Inventory page.

Scales: N, HO, O, G

Visit www.bowser-trains.com for more information!


Bachmann Industries

Before the age of 10, I had a classic HO scale Santa Fe train set that ran in a circle. Also, this was the time when I became interested in Chessie System because I had one of the classic yellow reefers. All my first trains were made by Bachmann. As you can imagine, I'm very proud to be adding their products to our inventory soon.


They have an extensive array of products to choose from. Bachmann has trains sets, locomotives, rolling stock, Big Haulers, Plasticville, Williams, Spectrum, Thomas & Friends, DCC Controls, and Scene Scapes. They also have their own track system, which I use on my layout, called EZ-Track.


To be honest, I will probably switch to a more standard system for our large permanent layout. However, right now I have a temporary setup that I have to move around as I remodel my house. So, I highly recommend it for layouts on the go, or if you like to be able to change things up regularly without track sliding around!


Scales: N, HO, O, On30, Large Scale

Visit www.bachmanntrains.com for more information!


Kadee Quality Products Co.

I'm sure everyone, at some point, was frustrated by faulty couplers. It's the nature of the game, especially with smaller scales. Last year I purchased a set of couplers built onto trucks and installed them on my old Lebanon Valley Hopper, to convert it into a converter car. So now I can use both coupler types on my railroad without changing over all my old cars.


However, these couplers and wheelsets are so exceptional, that one day I will only have metal wheels and Kadee's unbreakable couplers. They are simply the best in the industry. At least that is my opinion. Everyone has their preferences, and that's great! Kadee also produces a few cars every year that come ready to roll with their high standards.


Scales: HOn3, HO, S, O, On30, #1, G

Visit www.kadee.com for more information!


More Inventory to Come

Finally, we have contacted quite a few more companies and are awaiting a response. Stay tuned to the Blog, for future announcements like this one.


These are exciting times for our shop. We are currently gathering our funds and facts and preparing to make our first big orders. Here's the pitch:  If there are any products that you would like us to get, we will work out a good deal! E-mail, text, or message us on social media to discuss making an order through Trains in the Valley today!


What products are you looking forward to the most?

Corey Conrad Blog Author


Corey is the owner of Trains in the Valley and enjoys helping people build bigger and better model railroads. He enjoys going on railfan adventures with his wife, Victoria. When not chasing trains, Corey is designing websites, composing music, or writing fictional stories for Mytron Studios, his creative full-time business.