Schedule Spotlight: What You Need To Know

Schedule Spotlight: It's time to reveal our plans for the weekly blog posting schedule. Here is everything you need to know.



Every Monday our schedule will feature an article that will focus on Trains. We will be discussing Railroad History, Current Events, and there will be plenty of Fun Facts. Eventually, we plan to conduct some interviews. Also, we will be showing the importance of Trains; and how amazingly efficient they still are!



We will reserve the middle of the week for updates about our Shop, Company, and our Future Model Railway Attraction. What if there isn't anything groundbreaking to report? Then, we will share a Product Review, a Model Railroad tip, or even a Discount Deal!



On social media, Friday is "Rail Fan Friday." We would like to keep that tradition going around here too. At the end of each week, we will feature an adventure told through Train Photography. My wife and I try to catch some railroad activity every week. We have already built up an excellent database of photos. However, we do not live in any area where 20 trains are blasting through every day. So, I will be seeking out Guests to share their photos and tell their stories too. I think this will be the real fun in it because we can expand our community and expand our knowledge.


Developing more knowledge, that's what it's all about, anyway!



Also, there are many ways for you to stay on track with us.


Email - Get an update every time we publish a Blog post. That is only 3 short emails a week. We might even sneak a coupon for our shop along with it. (we plan to launch an online shop this year too.)


RSS - We also broadcast via RSS. This is the best way to keep up to date with our posts.


Social Media - We always share our links on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Be warned; there is a ton of noise on these platforms. You could miss our train!


Cross Posts - Here is another effort to make us easier to find and follow. We established 3 Blogs that we will post our Blog snippets to. You can additionally subscribe via Tumblr, Blogspot, and Wordpress.


In the future, our schedule and content will naturally become refined and improved. We will guide our path as seen necessary. So, I want to especially thank everyone that is checking us out at these early stages!


Did we miss a great idea? Tell us your thoughts below!


Corey is the owner of Trains in the Valley and enjoys helping people build bigger and better model railroads. He enjoys going on railfan adventures with his wife, Victoria. When not chasing trains, Corey is designing websites, composing music, or writing fictional stories for Mytron Studios, his creative full-time business.