Railroad Progress: Who Wants a First Look?

Last Fall, I dismantled my first layout to build something bigger and better. I have been meaning to share my new railroad progress once the Blog was up and running. It is finally that time! Today I will be sharing a first look at what I got going on.


The Need For Improvement

The old setup had to go. It was just a thick piece of plywood on two wobbly saw horses. You see, my wife and I are in the process of remodeling a duplex home into one awesome home base. We gutted the whole house and started fresh. So the last thing I want to do is build a permanent railroad at this point. So, I started off with a simple board on sawhorses.


My first attempt worked okay for a while. However, as my collection grew, I began to be concerned about safety. Plus, my ideas quickly outgrew my space. Even though 4' x 8' is pretty standard, I wanted to build a better railyard, because that is where the real fun is!

A Reading Boxcar patiently waits for me to finish completing my new railroad.

The Modular Concept

Since one day this year, I will most likely have to disassemble my empire and relocate it, I decided to build small 4' x 4' modular tables. I assembled 4 of them and pushed them together to make one big 8' x 8' area. Now, I realize that the middle has some space where I cannot reach too well, so there won't be too much rail activity going on there.


With that said, my plan on paper is pretty exciting. I will share my final blueprint in a future update!

Time to get to work on the home layout!

Finding the Right Track

I mentioned in an earlier post that I would be using Bachmann EZ-Track for my design. Again, since I will be moving my layout in the future, their track is the perfect fit. I do not want to glue or tack any track down to my surface. So this way I do not have to worry about my track disconnecting and sliding around my table.


I recommend track that snaps together for situations similar to my current one.

This is one of my favorites. A Chessie Closed Hopper by Athearn, around 10 years old.

Fictional Fun

At this stage, I'm not focusing heavily on realism. I want 2 main lines, a big yard, freight and passenger trains, and all kinds of companies working together. CSX, Chessie System, Conrail, Reading, and Pennsylvania are just a few of them that will exist and work together. I'll probably get some western trains in there too.


My primary goal at this point is to enjoy the hobby with the area and resources I have. That brings me to my favorite thing about model railroading. You have the option to focus on many different things and have different objectives. There isn't any reason why someone with a circle on their floor cannot have as much fun as someone with a whole room full of trains. Imagination is the key!

I got plenty of railcars that are ready for action.

Closing Comments

I know there isn't anything too spectacular to share about my railroad progress. But, with Spring on the way, I will be working on this pretty hardcore! I would love to see pictures of your model railroad progress too. You can e-mail us anytime!


Like what you see? Do you have any questions? Please leave a comment below!

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