Rail Fan Friday #4: The Grungy Conrails

It's time for Rail Fan Friday again!

Last week, we concluded our 1st Hagerstown visit. This week we continue our adventure and document a somewhat local area. Here is the tale of the Grungy Conrails.


Along the Susquehanna River lies the town of Millersburg, PA. On May 31st, 2016 we eagerly visited to try to catch a train. Well, we didn't manage to see any activity this time, but we did find an interesting surprise by driving up Route 147.


Some remnants of Conrail!


2 Cabin Cars sitting in front of the Susquehanna River and the Norfolk Southern mainline.

Conrail CR 23134 (ex-PRR 477946, ex-PC 23134) in Millersburg, PA. Here is a Class N5C steel caboose featuring streamlined cupolas that give the cars better aerodynamics.


Conrail CR 22919 (ex-PRR 477631, ex-PC 22919) Class N5B Steel Cupola Caboose.
Conrail CR 23134 (ex-PRR 477946, ex-PC 23134) Class N5C Steel Streamlined Cupola Caboose.


Firstly, I think it's time to restore these guys!

I am a fan of the Conrail blue, even though this cabin car saw better days, I still couldn't contain myself when we were driving by and saw them sitting there!

A small railroad cart sits between the Conrail Cabooses.


This spring we cannot wait to hang out in Millersburg again. It's surprisingly relaxing near the river, and there are lots of places for walking on a nice day. Plus, we naturally hope to catch some Norfolk Southern action! Thanks for reading and see you next Rail Fan Friday!


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