Rail Fan Friday #1: Our Visit to Hagerstown

Welcome to our very first installment of Rail Fan Friday. Every Friday I will be talking about our adventures and share Train Photography and Videos. Starting at the beginning is appropriate.


This post is the tale of our first intentional railroad trip ever. Back on May 8th, 2016, we traveled to Hagerstown, Maryland. We planned to visit the Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum, but saw much more than we expected!


First of all, I was aware that CSX has a yard next door, but I was amazed by the amount of activity going on there. In fact, Hagerstown carries the nickname "Hub City" because of the amount of railroad activity there. Today it is an important location for CSX, Norfolk Southern, and the Winchester and Western Railroads.


Here was our first upon parking:

Boxcars parked at the CSX yard in Hagerstown, MD. The first railroad picture we ever took! Photo by Victoria Conrad 05/08/2016
Boxcars in the CSX yard in Hagerstown. To the right, is EEC 6071, which belongs to the East Erie Commercial Railroad. Their roster contained well over 2000 of these units.

However, that was just the beginning! Next, we entered the Roundhouse Museum and learned a significant amount of history from the various displays. The staff was really friendly, and we enjoyed every moment of it. They also have 3 model layouts inside the museum. Naturally, I was drawn to the HO Scale layout the most, but they were all excellent. I definitely appreciate the work that went into all of them. Another perk was their preserved Locomotive and Rolling Stock on display outside!

The Hagerstown Roundhouse Museum! This is a really cool place with historical information, 3 train layouts, and it's located in a busy train town.
Back in May, I got to spend some time with the Western Maryland 132. This Baldwin VO-1000 diesel-electric locomotive was built in February 1944 and was one of the five that served the Western Maryland Railways. The great people at the Hagerstown Museum restored it nicely. If you're ever in the area, check them out!
My wife, Victoria, with the Western Maryland WM 1859 Caboose. Another nicely restored unit at the Hagerstown Museum in Maryland!
A passenger car being restored at the Hagerstown Museum. Victoria was so far away from me to take this photo and still couldn't get it all! Can anyone guess what railroad it's from?

That passenger car really made me feel small!


Seeing these restored prototypes was awesome! And, if this wasn't enough we caught some awesome train activity at the CSX Yard right behind this row of Cars. I was pretty pumped to get to see some CSX Locomotives next.

On this beautiful Spring day, we got to see a few locomotives resting up for the journey ahead. Meanwhile, a massive train was rolling in the background. Fun Facts: CSX 8567 likes to travel. Railfans have spotted it everywhere from Florida to Pennsylvania! This locomotive was built by GM in February 1984 for the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. CSX Transportation currently has over 170 EMD SD50-2 locomotives on their roster.
CSX 6492 (Ex-CSXT 6281, Ex-C&O 4383) is another locomotive that railfans have spotted all over the eastern states. It was built by GM in January 1980 for the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. CSX Transportation's roster contained 565 different EMD GP40-2 locomotives over the years. This unit also looked wonderful painted as Chessie System too!
CSX 7300 (Ex-CR 6050) is a GE C40-8W locomotive built for Conrail in May of 1990. CSX 7774 is the newest engine pictured here. It is also a GE C40-8W, and it was built for CSX in July of 1992. CSX currently owns 375 similar locomotives, with #7300 being the lowest of all the road numbers. It seems ironic that we spotted it the first time!

I learned so much from researching these 4 locomotives. This research also helped me to see the difference between, "Hey, there is a train," and taking note of the history and the technology at hand. Being a rail fan is so much fun!

A CSX Train coming our way!

And at last, a picture of a CSX Train headed our way. Next week I am going to show this yard in action with our first video installment!


Thanks for reading about our first railfan adventure!


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