Blog: Welcome to Trains in the Valley!

Firstly, I would like to begin by saying, "Welcome to our new Blog."


I enjoy the rush of catching a train when traveling. Most people like to avoid a crossing, but if you are reading this, chances are, you don't mind being stopped by a train either!


I started collecting HO Scale Trains before the age of 10. My life changed when I came across my old train set and began tinkering around again. A year later, I own a model train shop and have a major layout plan in the works. I'm very passionate about trains, but have much to learn. That's why this is an exciting new experience. I look forward to researching and educating myself and hopefully passing that knowledge onto you.


Now let's talk about the purpose of our new blog.


We revised our website to provide an easy way to announce shop and company updates. Most of all, there will be plenty of train photography, railroad history, and model railroading tips. We are thrilled to set the stage for what is to come.


Also, I will be highlighting our railfanning adventures and model railway layout updates frequently. I will keep this introduction brief and to the point because we'll be getting to the action very soon.

I'm very excited to deliver great content to you every week.


Feel free to say hi in the comments below. I tried to make it easy for visitors to comment. Additionally, If you notice any problems viewing our website, please leave a comment below. I will be happy to address the problem.

Look out for new content this Friday.

See you then!

Corey Conrad Blog Author


Corey is the owner of Trains in the Valley and enjoys helping people build bigger and better model railroads. He enjoys going on railfan adventures with his wife, Victoria. When not chasing trains, Corey is designing websites, composing music, or writing fictional stories for Mytron Studios, his creative full-time business.