Hello, my name is Corey Conrad, and I'm an energetic 30-year-old entrepreneur that loves trains.

My goal is to help seasoned and upcoming model railroaders by providing great personal customer service to help them get the model railroad supplies they need, so they can take their model railroad to the next level.

You could say that Trains in the Valley is a model train shop that wants to do more. Not only do I want to go above and beyond with service and being tech-friendly. But, I also want to inspire you and a new generation of model railroaders to create. I hope to accomplish this as I share the progress of my model railroad journey.


My Story So Far

In 2016, I rediscovered my 1st train set. Not before long, nostalgia arose and I decided to set it up.
However, the locomotive did not survive being packed away. So eager to see what was new in the world of model trains, I set out with my wife, Victoria, to the nearest department store that sold train sets. That night an HO Scale Santa Fe F-Unit went in an oval as my four black cats watched in awe!

A few months later, after seeing a need for a model train shop in my area, my wife and I decided to convert our retail space into a model train shop.

In 2017, I invited my dad, Henry, into the company to help find inventory and buy train collections. 

Last year was also when I found my voice within the industry and began to master what great customer service is all about.

By December of last year, I started to feel more comfortable repairing trains and helping to sell collections.

2018 started off great by getting access to many more products. I also launched my YouTube channel and started to get more serious about the quality of my railroad photography.


What's Next?

I am now working on adding more products to the shop, expanding a little bit into O Scale & N Scale, and I'm taking some actions to refresh the website & brand.

(When that is done, maybe I'll be ready to talk about my $20 Million dollar future attraction.)


Now enough of my history.

It's Train Time!

- Corey Conrad

Let's Talk Trains!