In 2016, I rediscovered my 1st train set. Not before long, passion arose and I decided to set it up.

However, the locomotive did not survive being packed away. So eager to see what was new in the world of model trains, I set out with my wife, Victoria, to the nearest department store that sold train sets. That night an HO Scale Santa Fe F-Unit went in an oval as my four black cats watched in awe!

A few months later, Corey and Victoria decided to convert their Mytron Studios shop into a model train shop. Thus, Trains in the Valley was born.

We both actively enjoy rail fanning and taking train photos. I am still learning.

In 2017, I invited my dad, Henry, into the company to help things grow. I also found my voice within the industry and began to master what great customer service is all about.

I recently started to feel more comfortable repairing trains also.

We are all looking forward to a great 2018 as we continue to grow our inventory and offer new brands and services.