Corey enjoyed playing with model trains when he was a kid. In 2016, he came across his collection while he was going through his old toy closet at his parent's house. Not before long, passion arose and he decided to set them up.

However, the locomotive did not survive the many years that is was packed away. So eager to see what was new in the world of model trains, Corey and his wife, Victoria, set out on a journey to the hobby department of the nearest store. That night an HO Scale model train set was in action on the floor. Around and around it went in an oval as four black cats watched in awe!

A few months later, Corey and Victoria decided to convert their Mytron Studios shop into a model train shop. Thus, Trains in the Valley was born. They find much joy taking pictures of local and distant railroads, and they are excited to begin the journey to provide our area with a shop that offers great value to you!